What We Do

Our Mission is to assist non-profits in providing adequate financial and organizational resources to support their Mission & Vision Statements.

Business & Organizational Strategies
  • Strategic Planning – “The Science of defining and using resources to accomplish specific organizational goals”.  Every organization needs a Strategic Plan that is a living document, updated annually and which represents the road map that guides the enterprise. 


  • Master Planning – The Master Planning process is done in conjunction with the Strategic Plan and addresses the physical resources of the organization and how those resources will have to respond to the demands of the Strategic Plan. 


  • Organizational Development – Organizational Development deals with building the Human Resource element of your organization to respond to the short and long range demands of the Strategic Plan.


  • Financial Planning – A well developed Financial Planning system provides an organization with the information needed to be proactive rather than reactive in their management style. 


  • Salary Administration – In order to create an environment in which the organization can attract the best people and hold on to them; a Salary Administration system provides the framework in which employees find comfort in knowing they are being compensated competitively.


  • How do we start the Strategic Planning Process?

  • How can our Financial Planning support the Strategic Plan?

  • How do we support the Strategic Plan Organizationally?

  • How do we create Organizational Ownership?

  • Who will lead this process of development?

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How can we help you?

We can provide the services noted above by either direct hands on involvement or in a training/coaching relationship which greatly reduces the cost to the client on a given assignment. We can also provide a hybrid of the two approaches based on the needs of the client.