What’s involved in starting a thrift operation?

There are some major elements required in starting an upscale thrift operation.

15 quick tips to opening a retail thrift store:

  1. Develop the Project Plan

  2. Site search and selection

  1. Lease/purchase negotiation

  2. Develop the Project Budget

  3. Develop the pro-forma operational budget and recommendation report/power point for management review and approval of the project

  4. Develop plans for Site Build Out/renovations - Production layout/Store theme/décor

  5. Acquire/purchase shelving & fixtures

  6. Acquire/purchase production equipment – shelving etc.

  7. Define & acquire inside and outside Signage

  8. Acquire/purchase all start-up supplies including cash registers etc.

  9. Set up store stocking methodology

  10. Lay out and stock the store

  11. Hire employees

  12. Pre-opening publicity – community, business and other non-profit relationships

  13. Plan soft opening followed by grand opening roughly a month later

Well, that’s all there is to it. Yeah I know, sounds like a lot of work and probably defines areas that are, at best, unfamiliar to you and your team. Not to worry, with the help of some outside specialists the process really goes quite well. There are other business enterprise ideas that are being used around the country as well. All you need to do is look, the opportunities are out there.

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